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Watercolor painting without Frustration.

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Salt Watercolor Texture Effects


I like to use "Sea Salt" or "Kosher Salt".

The best way for you to understand the wonderful Salt Watercolor Texture Effects you can create, is to examine just one grain of salt.

OK, Place a few grains of salt in your hand, now place it on a wet painted surface, and now, patience, let it dry.  Make note of the reaction time.

Each grain must absorb the paint, each grain can only absorb so much.  Make sense?   Too wet the grain will drown, too dry will not absorb a thing.

Play with the timing and you will get the general idea when to apply, and quantity to use.

Here is an example of Salt Watercolor Texture Effects applied to left and right bottom corners of a Floral Painting in Watercolor.


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Watercolor Basics

One of the biggest reasons that students fail in painting Watercolor is................. JUDGING YOUR EARLY ARTISTIC EFFORTS.



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Painting Landscapes

I am going to present to you a "non encyclopedia" approach and give you a no fuss, logical way to paint a watercolor landscape and have fun doing it. Before we start, get comfortable maybe a favorite beverage would be in order. Make your mistakes, goofs and failures work to help you in painting a watercolor landscape.

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