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Watercolor painting without Frustration.

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Are you ready for another way to paint a tree? Painting Trees with a Stencil.

Any species will work with this idea of Painting Trees with a Stencil.

But before we get into that idea, here are some things to think about.

The biggest mistake in painting trees in watercolor are:...........

1)   -   Trying to paint individual leaves.

2)   -   Painting leaves with a sponge.

3)   -   Hard painted edges, correct way texture on the edges.

4)   -   All one color (Green Lollipops).

5)   -   Trees painted flat, correct way three dimensional.

6)   -   Painting branches and limbs on top of foliage.

You won't do any of the above will you?

Why should you when you can paint great looking trees this fun way. Painting Trees with a Stencil.


Go back to your kindergarten days and cut out a stencil in the form of a clump of foliage, you don't need to mess with the trunk, just foliage.

Mix up Yello, Green, Blue and burnt sienna, that will be 4 puddles of paint. You need a number 12 round brush and a flat brush.

Place the stencil on the surface to be painted (let's see it had better be 140 lb. paper cold press, 100% cotton or rag).

Now take the number 12 brush loaded with paint, now with the other hand point an index finger, like you were pointing at somebody, now replace the pointed finger with flat handled brush.

Now tap number 12 brush (the one with the paint on it) onto the handle of the flat brush making dots of paint.

Stay in one area of the foliage until 25% to 40% of the paper is covered. The dots must remain wet naturally you have changed the color several times,theymust remain wet.

With a spray bottle, an old Windex spray bottle works fine. They do manufacture special water spray bottles for this purpose. The spray must produce droplets (spritzes) of water only, it must not spray mist, you must have droplets onto the paint.

You need to hold the nozzle of the spray bottle close within an inch of the colored dots and gently turn them into leaves, spraying very carefully.

Below is an example of the stencil removed.

It may seem a bit complicated with all the do's and don'ts, it will become second nature afte you try a few. Painting Trees with a Stencil is fun and looks good.

Just follow the instructions regarding the trunk and limbs.


The viewer will be conveyed a subtle message by the way you paint them.

A peaceful garden, or a dark forest.

Smooth flowing, soften bends, smooth branches with low-angle joints to give your work a less agitation look, for peaceful garden.

Angular look for sharp angular,wild forest look.

Make the main branch with numerous stops. At each stop change direction.

From each subsequent bend, start another angular branch, and from those angles extend more bent twigs.

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