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Watercolor painting without Frustration.

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Watercolor Magic Eraser

Have you ever tried my Magic Eraser idea?


This is an image painted with various colors some powerful stainers Thalo Green - P.G.7  Winsor Red - P.R. 254 and acollection of Non Stainers.



All I am going to do is wet the "non-chemical" foam block and gently work the block across the colors.

Then when part of the paint is removed, paint back in.

While waiting for the batch of colors to dry, let me ask you this, what do you erase pencil lines with?

If you are not using an eraser named "Design Kneaded Rubber Eraser", you should consider buying one.  Kneads into any shape, erases cleanly and picks up all the "crumbs" and does not abrade the delicate surface of the paper, like others on the market.

O.K. - Paper is dry.



Now brush a 1" block of foam across the painted strip, up comes the colors leaving a nice white, back to the paper, did not even have to blot any part of it with a tissue.
Re-painted part, as you can see the surface is as good as new.  It took the new paint easily with-out any marks what-so-ever.



Melinda in Topeka,Kansas.

"A million thanks, magic eraser really works. Cleaned up some old failures".


This is the Best Tip on removing mistakes in Watercolor Paintings.

No it's not........it's the greatest.

Don't like what you see in your Watercolor Painting.Remove a tree, fix a barn, change the sky, remove a hill and all the rest of those mistakes.

The "removing" of areas in a painting only came about by, and was discovered through persistence, and aided by a little bit (yes you guessed it) LUCK.

"BASOTECT" is the product that will remove "most of your mistakes"  Never heard of it, it is right under your very nose.  This is the chemical name, it is sold under....?  

First let me describe what it is and how it works.  It is a white sponge, when dipped in water it breaks down the product into a microscopic polymer abrasive, that grabs the particles of pigment in the spaces that a regular sponge or brush cannot do.  In other words it lifts off the paint right into the sponge.

Basotect has only recently started its career as an eraser, although this special sponge made it's debut almost 20 years ago in a wide range of applications, soundproofing, insulating in music studios and automotive industries.

After 30 years of instructing students in Watercolor Painting it is a lot of fun for me to pull out my little white sponge and remove a mistake that someone made.  Or for that matter which I made.Oh I nearly forgot this product is on your grocery store shelf called "The Magic Eraser", it truly is magic.


Watercolor Basics

One of the biggest reasons that students fail in painting Watercolor is................. JUDGING YOUR EARLY ARTISTIC EFFORTS.



Watercolor for Beginners

Learn the basics of watercolor painting... from choosing the right paper and brushes to learning basic techniques of glazing and how to frame your work.



Watercolor Techniques

Learn just a few of the various techniques used most often by professional watercolorists to bring interest, texture and "life" to their watercolor paintings.

Each technique is fully demonstrated.


Painting Trees

Although trees are made up of many parts and endless textures don't let them become overwhelming, you cannot fall out of these painted trees. I know you can paint good looking trees with a little help. So lets see how you are going to do this without getting bent out of shape, irritated or what-ever you do when those Green Balls on sticks appear.......been there...done that.

Painting Landscapes

I am going to present to you a "non encyclopedia" approach and give you a no fuss, logical way to paint a watercolor landscape and have fun doing it. Before we start, get comfortable maybe a favorite beverage would be in order. Make your mistakes, goofs and failures work to help you in painting a watercolor landscape.

  • Four Seasons
  • Working With Fresh Transparent Glazes
  • Watercolor Painting in the Great Outdoors
  • Painting Clouds in Watercolor
  • Step by step Demonstration on Watercolor Winter Scenes
  • Demonstration of Painting Trees Trunks
  • Demonstration of Rocks and Sea
  • Demonstration of Watercolor Skies
  • Watercolor Landscape Painting Tips

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