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Watercolor painting without Frustration.

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Jim Black's "Watercolor for you" Magazine - $5.99 each


Issue #1

+ THE DARK SECRETS OF PAINT MANUFACTURERS + Experiment with watercolor Video+ VIDEO: Step by step painting of a professional Floral+ A demonstration on using and applying glazes + Understanding Color.


Issue #2

+ Stamping Technique for Watercolor+ Painting Perfect Flowers from all angles+ VIDEO: Jim's 2 minute Tip - Taking photos of flowers +Using Negative Spaces in Watercolor Paintings+ Watercolor Painting Without Drawing or Sketching.


Issue #3:

+ Bring Life Into Your Greens+ Mixing Complements V.S. Optical Complements+ Watercolor Tips & Techniques+ Lighting Tips+ Keep Your Eye on the Horizon - the importance of a horizon line in your landscapes.



Issue #4:
+ Painting Skies
+ Painting Incidental Figures
+ Choosing the Right Watercolor Paper
+ Landscape Demo by Jim Black
+ Painting Skin Tones with Watercolor by Beatriz Uribe



Issue #5:
+ Featured Artist: Julie Gilbert Pollard
+ Correcting a Bad Painting
+ Painting a Seascape
+ Hue, Value, and Intensity Explained
+ Using Perspective in your Paintings



Issue #6:
+ Painting Magnolia Petals
+ More on Negative Painting
+ A Quick Floral Demo
+ Neutralizing Colors for Subtle Blends
+The Elements and Principles of Design



Issue #7:

+ Featured Artist: Julie Gilbert Pollard
+ A Study of Colors
+ Working with Glazes
+ Painting Trees
+ Painting Rocks




+ Christmas Issue
+ Tissue Paper Technique
+ Painting A Winter Scene
+ Video: Painting A Poinsettia
+ Painting Snow



Issue #9:

+ This Month's Featured Artist: Tom Lynch
+ The "WOW" Factor from Tom Lynch
+ Mastering Composition
+ All About Yellow Pigments
+ Problems & Solutions


Issue #10:

+ How to Paint a Tulip
+ Little Helpers for Watercolorists
+ Make Your Paintings More Professional
+ Mental Relationships Abilities (M.R.A.)
+ Red and Blue Do Not Make Violet! (Forget what you learned about colors in Kindergarten)



Issue #11:

+ Don't Let Dirty Lights Ruin Your Painting
+ Using Glazing Techniques To Paint Petals
+ Jim's Ultimate Background System
+ Demonstration of Painting Petals and Dewdrops



Issue #12:

+Paint Ratio
+Me And My Shadow
+Flower Painting Demo
+Watercolor Paper - Your Choice
+Watercolor Paper Manufacturers


Issue #13:

+Painting Landscapes
+Painting Water
+Painting Clouds
+Landscape Video Demo
+Painting Reflections in Water



Issue #14:

+Painting A Waterfall
+Painting Boats
+Painting Still Life
+Painting From Photographs
+Advanced Watercolor Tips
+Lifting Paint from Wet and Dry Paintings



Issue #15:

+Featured Artist - Beatriz Uribe
+Painting Glass
+Painting Faces
+Painting People


Issue #16:

+ Watercolor Tips & Techniques
+ Watercolor Magic Eraser
+ Mastering Composition
+The Seven Elements of Design
+ Visual Energy With Lines
+ Understanding Harmony



Issue #17:

+Featured Artist: Larry Lombardo
+Featured Artist: Beatriz Fedele
+Keeping the White in Your Paintings
+Problems and Solutions
+Loose or Tight?



Issue #18:

+ Featured Artists: Geoff Kersey
+ Landscape Tips and Techniques
+ Painting All Kinds Of Skies
+ Painting By Numbers
+ The First Paint Ever Used



Watercolor Basics

One of the biggest reasons that students fail in painting Watercolor is................. JUDGING YOUR EARLY ARTISTIC EFFORTS.



Watercolor for Beginners

Learn the basics of watercolor painting... from choosing the right paper and brushes to learning basic techniques of glazing and how to frame your work.



Watercolor Techniques

Learn just a few of the various techniques used most often by professional watercolorists to bring interest, texture and "life" to their watercolor paintings.

Each technique is fully demonstrated.


Painting Trees

Although trees are made up of many parts and endless textures don't let them become overwhelming, you cannot fall out of these painted trees. I know you can paint good looking trees with a little help. So lets see how you are going to do this without getting bent out of shape, irritated or what-ever you do when those Green Balls on sticks appear.......been there...done that.

Painting Landscapes

I am going to present to you a "non encyclopedia" approach and give you a no fuss, logical way to paint a watercolor landscape and have fun doing it. Before we start, get comfortable maybe a favorite beverage would be in order. Make your mistakes, goofs and failures work to help you in painting a watercolor landscape.

  • Four Seasons
  • Working With Fresh Transparent Glazes
  • Watercolor Painting in the Great Outdoors
  • Painting Clouds in Watercolor
  • Step by step Demonstration on Watercolor Winter Scenes
  • Demonstration of Painting Trees Trunks
  • Demonstration of Rocks and Sea
  • Demonstration of Watercolor Skies
  • Watercolor Landscape Painting Tips

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